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Many new buildings in Havana suffer from under investment, lack of resources and little vision. Of the one third of architects who stayed in Cuba after the Revolution their work is mostly limited to tourist hotels or restaurants, catering for the 1 million visitors every year. Most of them do not reflect or adhere to Cuba's rich historical past.

Foreign investors have gradually been allowed to invest within the city with 240 agreements signed in 1996 between 34 nations. £100 million of Spanish investment has generated employment in the construction industry in recent years however most building materials still come from other countries.

This image of a supermarket overlooking the sea on the Malecon represents some of the ill-fitting modern design. It's only lift and staircase rises behind a high-rise tower blocking its spectacular view. It's internal layout works badly and frankly looks miserable next to the grand buildings between it.

There is however a feeling of change from a new generation of young Cuban architects. A fashionable new restaurant called A Prado y Neptuno opened in 1998 by Roberto Gottardi, A new hotel The Packard is to be built nearby by the young architects Garcia and Martin.

Completed last year the Finance bank in Miramar by Choy, Garcia and Martin demonstrates the new trend of building in Havana.

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