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Havana is one of the most beautiful and architecturally diverse cities in the world. Its architecture mirrors its rich social and political history from the graceful colonial and baroque period to modern brutal tower blocks.

This site is to promote understanding, awareness and links about the architecture and architects of Havana, Cuba.

The aim is to promote an apolitical, non-profit making forum bringing together people from around the world to highlight the future of Havana's built environment and to organise discussion and contact between architects and people interested in Havana.

You can add to this site as much or little as you want. Write or send photos and create a global platform to air discussions and opinions. In particular this site welcomes input and links to Cuban architects.

This site has been set up by Matt Cousins an architecture student in London, UK. It was achieved by winning a Camden Society of Architects Scholarship in 1999 where he went for three months researching and interviewing professionals and locals alike. This site is dedicated to Tito, wherever you are.


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